• Mens Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials

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    • 45+ Daily Nutrients Necessary to lead a Healthy, Active Life
    • Vitamins A, C, D, B6, B12 & E for Increased Energy and Vitality
    • Beneficial Saw Palmetto & Lycopene Support a Healthier Prostate
    • Additional Calcium Supports Bone Health
    • Boosts Immune System, Reduces Chances of Infections & Flu

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    Mens Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials

    Powerful Vitamin-Herbal Complex formulated for Unique Needs of Men.

    New Comprehensive Mature Mens Multi Delivers Every Vital Nutrient Necessary for Optimum Health, Sexual Vitality & Prostate Function…Feel Energized Everyday

    We Provide you with the Daily Nutrients Needed to Lead a Healthier Life

    Standard Multivitamins may no longer meet your specific needs! Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials is a vitamin/mineral formula designed to supplement the nutritional needs of Men age 45 years and over. It contains an increased dosage of zinc for prostate health, a digestive enzyme complex for digestion, and highly absorbable Vitamin and Mineral forms.

    Vitamins are essential for healthy living. Our blend includes Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, & E, Calcium, Iron, and Manganese, Chromium, Boron and Selenium. You get these Vitamins in one amazing blend that you would normally find in more than a dozen different supplements. This one supplement contains 45+ essential nutrients that are necessary for your growth, vitality, and general well being. All in one formulation! This special blend is designed to help maintain high energy levels and provide you with all the vital nutrients you need.

  • Benefits

    Benefits of our Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials

    • Specifically Tailored to the Needs of Men as We Age*
    • Supports Healthier Bones, Gums and Teeth*
    • Maintains Optimal Eye Health with Lutein (3mg), Bilberry (10mg), and Zeaxanthin (75mcg) *
    • An Effective Enzyme Complex to Aid in Digestion*
    • 100% Vegetarian, Gluten Free
    • Strengthens and Maintains Improved Health*

  • Details

    This Is the Ultimate Senior Multivitamin Developed Just For Men

    This formula provides the essential recommended nutrients that you will need as you age. This one, totally natural supplement can support healthier bones, improve circulation & cardiovascular systems, and also aid in digestion. Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials has a wide range of additional benefits.

    Bone Support:Contains additional Calcium and Vitamin D for bone health (about 99% of the Calcium in the human body is held in the bones and teeth. The remaining 1% of Calcium circulates in the bloodstream where it performs a variety of important functions). Along with bone support, Calcium supplements also help muscles to contract and helps regulate contractions of the heart. It can also play a role in the transmission of nerve impulses and blood clotting.

    Digestion Support: Contains a unique and highly effective enzyme complex that aids in your digestion. Digestive enzymes are proteins specially tailored to break down foods into nutrients that your body can then readily digest. When you eat a meal, digestive enzymes immediately get to work to help speed up the digestive process.

    Circulation & Cardiovascular Support: Our Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials™ provides generous amounts of vitamins, minerals and herbs that support your circulation system and general overall health. Statistics have shown that men die earlier than women and are four times more likely to suffer from Cardiovascular Heart Disease, have higher death rates from stroke and diabetes, and are twice as likely to die from cancer. This is an opportunity to improve your health.

    If you are like most men you do not pay enough attention to your health needs. Making poor dietary choices that are often high in fats, high intake of refined sugars and too much processed food can bring about disastrous results. Combine this with a less active life style and your risk of developing a serious illness increases by as much as 200%. Not only do some men often lack essential nutrients they need, there are other factors that limit the intake of vitamins and minerals, such as poor digestion and stress.

    Help Ensure That You Plug all Your Nutritional Holes

    Your body does not and cannot manufacture minerals or most vitamins. These can only be supplied and maintained by food intake or through supplementation.

    Supplementation is important in "plugging" your nutritional "holes” and to improve your overall health, thereby preventing disease and maintaining your well being. Our Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials is a powerful health insurance policy for men our age!

    The key, however, is the proper balance of vitamins and minerals. If proper balance is not maintained, other minerals can be affected. For example, excessive Calcium intake can affect Magnesium absorption; too much Zinc can deplete the body of Copper. This is exactly why we created this formula, just for men like you who are over age 55.

    Rich Anti-oxidants to Increase your Longevity

    Antioxidants are important protectors of your health because they provide electrons that neutralize "free radicals"—molecules with unpaired electrons—which have the power to cause degenerative and life-threatening diseases.

    All the A,B,C’s and a Lot More

    Our Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials provide a great first step in giving the body a complete spectrum of vitamins, including Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C, D, E, and both essential and trace minerals. It provides the necessary balance along with synergistic qualities that ensure maximum results and absorption.

    This Multivitamin Gives You 45+ Essential Nutrients & Vitamins. Exactly What You Need, Every Day! Have More Energy; Increased Vitality & Supports Improved Overall Health.*

    Our Men’s Multi 45 Plus Daily Essentials Specifically Addresses Your Unique Nutritional Needs and Assures You of Improved Health, An Active Lifestyle (Including Your Sexual Prowess) and Perhaps Even a Few More Years to Enjoy it All.

  • Money Back Guarantee
    We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Every product we sell comes with a 100% Money-back Guarantee! Order this product and if, within 1 year, if you are not completely satisfied, simply call us and we will provide you with a 100% Money-Back Refund (excluding shipping).
    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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We Guarantee it! 100% Money-back Guarantee! We have confidence in our products. Order this product and if, within ONE YEAR, if you are not completely satisfied, simply return any unused portion and we will provide you with a 100% Money-Back Guarantee Refund (excluding shipping).

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