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    Womens Natural Balance

    10+ Top Naturals Help Eliminate Hot Flashes & Menopause Symptoms. 100% Natural!

    Our formula relieves hot flashes and night sweats! It’s great in that it supports fewer headaches and helps with less irritability. Also known to reduce fatigue and dizziness, this formula also supports the normalization of the estrogen balance equation with a totally natural approach. Maintain mood and reduce anxiety with Woman’s Natural Balance!

    Helps Stop Night Sweats, Helps Improve Mood.*

    Night sweats. Hot flashes. Cramps. Moodiness. Just when you think you’ve experienced all the irritating symptoms of menopause, another one arrives to ruin your day. If you’re sick and tired of menopause disrupting your life, then it’s time to take action. Banish symptoms with powerful herbal remedies.*

    Did You Know 90% Of Women Find Natural Herbs Provide Menopause Relief?

    Today, women are taking charge by managing their symptoms with natural alternatives that let them really feel like themselves again. Black Cohosh has been know to support the relief hot flashes, vaginal dryness, depression and anxiety.

    "Change Of Life" Doesn't Mean You Have To Change Your Life

    The common symptoms associated with menopause, from raging hot flashes and irritability, to trouble sleeping and hot sweats; are all different for each woman and can range from just mild to severe symptoms. With so many women concerned about recent news on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) treatments, they are looking for natural supplements that will relieve their everyday symptoms. All over the world and throughout the centuries, women have used herbs to treat menopause symptoms. Women's Natural Balance™ is formulated with 12+ herbs known to deliver major support of menopause symptoms. And just like the name says, it restores balance to your life...all naturally.

    Finally -- some consistency during the ups and downs of Menopause!

    Managing Changing Moods without Drugs

    More and more women are seeking natural alternative treatments for symptoms of menopause, for a variety of reasons. One of the most compelling reasons for many is the association between conventional hormone replacement therapy and a number of serious health risks; including increased risk of breast cancer and blood clots. Although the link has by no means been proven, it is currently the subject of serious debate among women's health experts

    For most women these mood swings can be unpredictable and create stress. Irritability is not a direct symptom of menopause, but there are many factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations and lack of sleep that can lead to changes in behavior during this time. Many women search for natural menopause relief. Although menopause does not technically occur until a woman has not had a period for 12 months, the symptoms associated with decreased estrogen production can be experienced for some women as early as ten years before actual menopause

    Menopause can be a huge transitional stage in a woman's life and now fortunately there are natural supplements that offer excellent relief, and when combined with lifestyle and dietary changes will help the body maintain a state of balance. Natural menopause solutions are designed to address many of the symptoms that women experience during this time including: breast tenderness, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, decreased sexual desire, depression and moodiness*. Thankfully, not all women have all of these symptoms, but even one or two can be debilitating and difficult.

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